Monday, June 4, 2012

Dissembling the front axle of the International outside the shop was my choice to try to conquer. Fortunately the weather was good for me.  
Get the tie-rod ends and the drag link would have been hard to get off if I didn't have Jeff's tip on how to it is with a hamer.

The King Pin was not that hard to get out. After punching it 1/3 of the way out it came out pretty easy.

The King Pine

Having that transmision jact was pretty nice. It made the job easier getting the axle out.

I fout out that you don't need to hit these leaf spring pines out. They just screw out.

Putting all the front susppention and steering back together should not have been to bad, but since every part was covered in grease/dirt, it was a pain to clean all the part before reassumbleing it all.
 I do have to say I thankfull for inpacked wrenchs, besause most of those bolts were pretty rusty.

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