Thursday, June 14, 2012

 The forward rear axle made me think a little bit on how I was going to take it apart. It wade about 580 pounds and most of that weight was in the carrier assembly with the differential. The yoke and inter differential was not on when I started rigging the axle up. The way I have the axle rigged up in the picture is not the best way, but it worked out. I found the yoke and inter differential, before I put the axle back together, on a different pallet of stuff. With that installed, it made it easier to rig up the carrier assembly and drop it straight down into the banjo axle housing.

One of the things I wanted to learn is how the inter axle differential lock works. So in the picture above there is a fork that moves a lockout sliding clutch. This has gear teeth all around the outside edge. Don't be confused with the side gear in the midle. Looking at the picture below, this is the other mating half. Notice the inter-out edge, there are some more teeth, pointing inwards towards the shaft. So to put it all together, the locking sliding clucth(above pic), slides into the other half of the lock ring(pic below). Thus locking the inter axle differential.

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