Monday, October 1, 2012

So here I'm preforming a capacitance test on my car battery using the Midtronics Micro 700. As you can tell my battery is good. I also preformed a load test with the Snap On MT3760 AVR but didn't get a picture. Both pretty easy to use.

With hooking up the lighting boards, I found that is was easier to work on the head lights circuits and the turn signals / brake lights circuits separately. It was interesting to find out that the high beams drawed less current than the low beams. Also the LEDs do not draw a lot of current.

Working with relays has helped me learn how the current flows through the circuits that have relays. It doesn't take that much amps to activate  the relay

With parasitic draws, first learned that you could hook a meter in series with the battery and measure the amps. On your meter you will see the parasitic draw. Then you start taking out the fuses till you see your meter not reading any current flow. This way is a little time consuming but works. The faster way that I learned was to measure the voltage drop across a fuse. When there is no current flow your meter should read 0v. With current flowing your meter should read something like 0.001v. So when you come across a fuse that has more than 0v when the power is off, you know that this circuit is the parasitic draw on your battery.

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