Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leered how to change out the fuel filters on a bus that has a 2003 Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA  CID 388. As you can see the filters are doing their job. On the some bus there is a Racor spin on filter / water separators, witch filters the fuel first form the fuel tank. This filter is a is a pain to get off, because of it's location.

Here are some Parker fuel filters for a CAT 3126. This engine has has four Baldwin spin on filters on it as well. One for fuel, one for engine oil, one for transmission oil, and one for the coolant. I learned that you need to make sure you are twisting of the right one.
 On the some CAT, they have a spinner oil filter. This was cool to take apart, because it was my first time. The part were not this clean when I took it apart. I cleaned them to get some good pictures of them.

I was told that this paper wasn't to bad. I guess sometimes there is a pretty thick layer of debrie on it.

Hours for the week and last week: 42    Total hours: 169

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  1. Man, you get all of the fun jobs...(;

    I have seen those spinner papers with well over 1/2" of buildup.