Monday, March 18, 2013

I brought in a bus for it's 2,000 mile check up. I was at the point were I was checking out the wheels. Looking for any damage, tire pressure, uneven tread wear, and make all lug nuts are tight. Come to find out that there were two nuts missing and the rest were all loose. It wouldn't have been to long until that wheel would have come flying off, going down the road. So I got two new nuts and asked what the torque specs were. I was told just to take the one inch impact wrench and hammer down on the lug nuts. Well now I can see where is one possibility why the lug nuts where coming loose.

So pretty much all the buses have this type of mount for the wheels to the hub. They call it a ball mount. The brake drum fits pretty snug to the studs and the hub. The inside wheel is held on by inner nut and the outside wheel is held outer nut. Both nuts center the wheels on the hub.

Hours for the week and last week: 41    Total hours: 255


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  2. Commonly known as a "Budd" wheel.

    No torque wrench, eh? Well that will change. Hopefully before someone gets hurt.

    Throughout life we need to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn. I have to fight the, "I've always done it this way thing myself". But we have to get over it. (;

    I made several starts to get over there, but was distracted. I'll throw Raul and Tom under the bus with the projects we had going on in the shop.

    As a reminder...

    Be sure to check my blog before you come in on the 2nd. I will push out an Angel e-mail also.

    See you then!