Monday, April 15, 2013

SPQ 13 Daniel

This week and really the past few weeks, have been a review for me. Not saying that I'm not learning, I'm just finding those hard to find files deep back in my head. I learn the best with hand and repetition.

So things I'll learned, well, finding the short by using a light was one of them. I would say that it is similar to using them ohm meter but without the always changing number that shows up on the meter screen.

I've learned the three separate coils of wires in the stator produces a three phase voltage output. This lets more current flow though the diodes, thereby increasing the output of the alternator. The diodes help with turning the AC voltage to DC, by only letting the positive electrons pass though.

Any other thing that I've learned is that Specific Gravity (SG) is temperature sensitive. So when a battery is fully charged and at a temp of 80 F, the SG should be 1.265. For every 10 F above 80 F add 0.004 to your SG. Also for every 10 F below 80 F subtracted 0.004 for your SG.

Here are some pictures for work. So here are two pictures of the some u-joint on a driveline on a Thomas bus. On both sides the bearing caps are loose and they have been spinning around. Also one of the bearing hold downs is broken. Yeah, there was a little bit of play in this u-joint.

On the same bus, looking at the rear-right brake drum, I would say this drum is out of spec. The drum has been worn down making a ridge that is little over 1/8 of an inch on the outer edge. Also on the rest of the surface is a lot a deep gouges.
Week Hours: 33
Hours To Date: 53

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  1. You know, I never have liked that style of u-joint cap. For just that reason.