Sunday, May 12, 2013

SPQ 13 Daniel

It seems like I've been learning little things here and there, all over the place. I hope I will be able to remember it all when the time comes. I've learned how to read hydraulic schematics and what different components do in hydraulic systems. I understand what is going on with a orifice hydraulic system. You got high pressure on one side and after the oil goes through the orifice the pressure will drop. Orifices have a lot to do in hydraulic systems. I've got a better understanding the difference between cavitation and aeration. Cavitation happens when there is a rapid change in pressure in fluid. Small cavities are formed and immediately implode. The video of the blender was pretty cool to see. That's interesting to see that cavitation is what is braking the food down to smaller pieces not real the blade. Aeration on the other hand is when air is introduced in to the system.

At work, on the newer bus we got hydraulic powered cooling fan. The hydraulic for it is all electronically controlled. So the problem was that the fan was staying on all the time. I didn't get to mess with it much but it was cool to see you were able to hook up a computer to the computer that controlled the fan. We had Parker diagnostic program to check this out and mess with setting. It's not fixed yet because of poor connection the computer.

Week Hours (plus last weeks): 65
Hours To Date: 189

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