Friday, August 23, 2013

SUQ 13 Daniel

Well today was the last day for me to work at the Bellingham School District bus garage. The overall experience was a good one. At times there was jobs I had to do that were not the most stimulating experience and some that were just routine mundane stuff. I made it a challenge for myself to stay alert and found things to find things to fix. I not talking about finding things to fix just to fix something, but something that could be a big problem down the road. I leaned and gained experience  on inspecting, routine maintenance, testing batteries, finding parasitic draws, changing tires, changing brake canisters, seat repair, taking out a automatic transmission, and driving buses. Also learned what kind of things would brake or the wear points on Thomas Build and Blue Bird buses.

Week Hours: 40
Hours To Date: 384

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  1. It heartens me to see that you took the time to identify what may fail in the future.

    You are a great guy Daniel, I'm sure you will have no trouble finding a good job in your new location. Stay in touch, eh?