Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 34 Sheet

'03 Dodge Ram 3500 V6 5.9L VIN#6

1.       The Fuel Control Actuator (FCA) controls the fuel going to the fuel pumping chambers in the pump.


2.       The HP fuel “Warning” said:

The fuel pump, high-pressure fuel lines, and fuel rail contain very high pressure fuel. Do not loosen any fittings while the engine is running. Personal injury and property damage can result. Wait at least 10 minutes after shutting down the engine before loosening any fittings in the high pressure fuel system to allow pressure to decrease to a lower level.

 The pressures to be cautious of are 6-9 bar (87-130 psi) and 300-1,600 bar (4,351-23,206 psi)

3.       Intake Air Manifold Heater – 95amps x 2

Fuel Heater – 25amps (at 0o)


4.       DTC that the Modis is reading: PO201 – PO206

These codes are for: Injection control circuit fires improperly

The Modis what turn on the code and possible causes. They are:

1)      Set code: when no inductive spike is detected after injector turns off. Monitored with battery voltage greater than 10v, ASD Relay energized.

2)      Possible Cause: open or shorted injector driver circuit, open injector, open ASD supply at injector, faulty PCM, connector terminals or wires. (see REF. C124 for diesel wiring diagrams)

Yes, this does has something to do with the engine not starting. My first thought was that all six injectors were unplugged. Since I could not open the hood to verify the connection of the injectors in this exercise, I went off chasing other birds. Using the Modis, I tried to test the injectors, but was not able to. There is a test to test the injectors, but the engine has to be running. Anyways, I kept running into dead ends till I couldn’t think of anything else. I probably was over thinking is because I could not visually check things out.

If anything I have learned how to navigate through Modis and use its’ features. I understand that you can save a lot of time pin pointing the problem using a scan tool. Even if the cause of the problem is easy to find without a scan tool, the scan to could find some other problems you didn’t know about.

5.       It was pretty cool to figure out how to use the Modis to turn on and off different components of the truck. This like the horn, widow wipers, one head light at a time (high or low), other lights, warning lights, relays and any other things that operated through the ECM. This type of control is called “by differential control”.

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