Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm working at the Bellingham School District (BSD) bus barn this quarter. It's a little different that how things were when I worked at the Meridian School District (MSD) bus barn. BSD has about 42 more buss that MSD. Not only buss but there is more other vehicles as well. Such as cars, SUVs, vans, and food trucks, so there is a lot more work. The buss at MSD are pretty new so other than changing the oil, filters, light bulbs, there wasn't enough to keep you busy. Unless you had a big project, like swapping out engines. BSD has a lot of older buss, even some old Crowns. The BSD bus barn is nicer with two lifts and ceilings tall enough for you to lift the bus high enough for you to walk under it. For the three week that I've been working at BSD, I've learned some more things that I hadn't at MSD. Things I've learned are, how to inspected more and efficiently, how to test the air brakes and the air system, and how to test the stop little / amber lighting system.

Hours for the week: 12    Hours total: 53

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