Saturday, January 12, 2013

This week I started my CDL / School buss driving training. Here in a moth or so I will be able to drive a school bus. A ton of information was thrown out to about driving a school bus but I think I picked up most of it. I learned the proper procedures for stopping, loading/unloading, railroad crossing, emergencies, driving, handling crazy kids, and ext. Next week I'll be working on getting my CDL permit.

In the shop I've been working on being more proficient in preforming air brake system checks. What we do for that is, first make sure there is sufficient amount of air in the system ( we like about 100psi ). Them make the push rods, on all the canisters, at just where is stick out of the canister. Have someone apply the brakes and hod. Then you go to all the brakes and measure the push rod travail. Have the your help release the brakes and this time you can make any adjustments to the lack adjusters if needed. Them we drain the wet and primary tanks to see if the brakes will apply and to see if there is any check valve leaks. I fill the tanks back up with air and then drain the wet and secondary tanks. This time the front brakes shouldn't apply but the back brakes will. Them I will drain all the tanks to see if the Maxi-brake will set at the proper pressure. After that we check to see if the air compressor can build air pressure from 60psi to 90psi in less than 60sec, at engine speed of 1500rpm. Them the bus is out for a brake test on the open road, witch I can't do with out a CDL.

Hours for the week: 21    Total hours: 74

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  1. Sounds like you've had a brake.

    Humor aside, this is a good post. Thanks for filling us in Dan.