Saturday, January 19, 2013

Have you ever heard of the Wig Wag low air warning signal? It's a pretty simple mechanism that swings a little arm down when the air pressure gets to low. There is a little sign on it that read; "Low Air". There are to types, automatic or manual rest. The automatic rest will swing the sign back out of your view when the air pressure starts to build back up again. For the manual rest one, your just have to swing the sign back up yourself.

I was able to do some trany services this week. For some reason Blog wont let me upload images or else I would have some picture. It's not that hard to do. I worked on two different types of Allison transmission. On one of them I had to drop the pan because there is an other filter in side the pan. There is a small canister filter on the outside, with a a big washer shaped magnet. The other one just has two tall cylinder filers that drop out from the bottom of the transmission. Changed out any o-rings or gaskets and put everything back together.

I've learned how tell someone what someone would be looking for in a "Pre Trip Inspection". So the pre trip inspection is a test that someone needs to pass to get their CDL. Also it is something once you are driving a big rig should be doing. So basically you inspect your rig it see if it is in top shape and safe to operate. You check (on a school bus) the electrical panel, stop paddle, cross arm, windshields, wipers, washer fluid reservoir, mirrors, all steering components, all suspension components, all brake components, all tires, drive shafts, fuel tank, frame / crossmenbers, storage compartments, all reflectors, all lights, and everything in the engine compartment ( fluid levels, leaks, hoses, wires). Then you have to check everything inside the bus (emergency exits, seats, service door and entree, all lights, switches, indicates, gauges, horns, fans / heaters, and emergency equipment). Then you have to do a air brake system test, witch is to make sure the service brakes, maxi brake, and low air warnings all work. When you do the test can only miss like 12 or 14 points and there is a couple of things if you miss will disqualify you.

Hours for the week: 20    Total hours: 94

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  1. WigWag, of course! I always figured that it should be a hand that reached out and slapped the driver in the face. WigWag won. (;

    Nice description of what you need to do for an inspection.

    Thanks Dan!